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Rose - Burled Elm Rose Inlay music boxes



A beautiful Inlaid Rose
adorns the lid of this lovely
Music Box
 Custom engraving service available!

Reuge L'Auberson 36 notes

Enjoy 36 notes in this tasteful and simply handsome box
The True Classic.  Perfect for an executive's desk or any coffee table. A great gift!

Ballerina dances inside of this Degas Ballet
music box. Just watch that smile on her face when
the lid  is opened!

Degas Ballerina Music Box with Spinning Ballerina inside
Doves in a Heart Inlay

A pair of doves sit on a heart-shaped swing.
This romantic Italian inlaid music box
with its red high-gloss finish
is the perfect gift for a loved one
or a pair in love.
For more boxes with hearts, click HERE
Singing Bird Boxes
in the time-old tradition.  
These are what heirlooms are
made of! Imagine this on your
table or etagere.
 Bird Box in Clear Crystal
This little treasure, the Anastasia music box plays "Once Upon a December" as Czar Nicholas and Czarina Alexandra dance. It promises to delight all who behold it.  We now have the Anastasia's Necklace
available (an additional purchase)

Nicholas and Alexandra Anastasia music box

This is True Theatre in a Musical!
While studying in Europe, Koji Murai
was so totally enchanted by the
charming world of clowns that he created
his own Clown World. His beautiful art
and creativity has gained him international fame.

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Clowns & Circus - Koji Murai music boxes

Delightful Merry-Go-Rounds


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Incidentally, Somewhere in Time   the tune from the movie of the same name,  is now available in our music box library of 36 note soundbites.
 If you would like to hear other soundbites select from the following libraries:
36 note Soundbite Library
18 note Soundbite Library

90%  of our communication is through e-mail.
We read and reply quite often in a day.
  Please don't hesitate to contact us at

  90% of our communication is through e-mail.  We read and reply quite often in a day.  
Please don't hesitate to contact us at   

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